Le Café Céramique

CeramicLe Café Céramique, une adresse incontournable à Sahara Mall pour les grands et les petits ! Créer mais aussi manger ou organiser une fête avec pour thème la céramique. 

E-mail us at: cafe_ceramique_riyadh@alrugaibgroup.com

Call us at +966 11 452 0677

Fax us to +966 11 4520665 or +966 11 4779131

Enjoy the thrills of creating your personalized masterpiece with your own hands. 

At Café Céramique, we invite everyone to have a taste of artistic pleasure in painting pottery.

Step One: 
Choose It!
Choose from a wide selection of bisque displayed on our impact wall. Our bisques are A+ quality. We have more than 500 hundred cast and pressed bisque shapes.

Second Two:
Sketch It! 
Plan and sketch your design. We recommend that you browse and select from our gallery of designs and stencils and transfer it on your bisque. 

Step Three:
Use It!
Choose your under glazes and painting materials. We have more than hundreds of shades available plus a bunch of painting gadgets and materials that you can use.

Step Four:
Paint it!
Paint it! Either you just let your emotion direct your brush strokes or try various painting techniques that our wait staff can teach you.

Step Five:
Leave It!
Leave your piece and let us do the final touch. It's time to glaze and fire your piece.

Step Six:
Own It!
Visit us back after seven days and claim your masterpiece. Take it home and start thinking of your next project. 

Sahara Mall P.O. Box 27455
11417 Riyad